Butts In Space v1.0

Butts In Space v1.0


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    Butts In Space v1.0
    Requirements: 4.1+
    Overview: Play as Bow Butt, Hairy Butt, Classy Butt, or Butt Butt in this unique space adventure - Butts In Space.

    Evil Butt has stolen all of the toilet paper in the universe and left you stranded among the stars. Dodge asteroids, gather parts to repair your toilet spaceship, and collect designer toilet paper and plungers while farting through space.

    Addictive one touch gameplay.
    -Swipe to fart, propelling your bum through space to avoid asteroids.
    -Gather toilet paper and survive longer to increase your score
    -Power-ups help you survive and boost your score

    Awesome collectibles.
    -Gather unique designer toilet paper while you fart your way through space
    -Special plungers and toilet paper are awarded for in-game achievements
    -Earn spaceship parts to repair your toilet spaceship and travel to the Keeper of the Toilet Paper's lair

    Lovable characters.
    -Bow Butt: Button pusher
    -Hairy Butt: Plunger operator
    -Classy Butt: Navigation expert
    -Butt Butt: Captain
    -Evil Butt: The three-butted monstrosity that stole all of the toilet paper and left The Big White Throne damaged and stranded in space.

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